Mustard Balls

mustard ball

Gluten free √
Vegan √
Vegetarian √

Each ball weighs 30 g (just over 1 oz) and sold singly.

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Ingredients: Severn Cider (, Mustard flour, Horseradish.

When you think of the mustard ball the original ball is from us, Tewkesbury Mustard. Back in the 16th to the 19th century, Tewkesbury Mustard was “the” condiment of choice and only sold in this variety, not involving jars or any other container. Offered as a soft, moist mustard ball, allowing for easy reconstitution; patience would have been the key back something William Shakespeare would have struggled with back when the ball was dried.

This mustard ball can be grated straight onto your food and in any other way you choose!

If you were looking to turn the mustard ball into a paste, include a liquor of your choice whether it’s beer, cider, wine vinegar,  or even cider vinegar. Cognac can also be included as tried by one of our in-house chefs! Add a little olive oil for a smoother texture, a recommendation by the 17th century gourmet,  John Evelyn. Another popular choice was to include cinnamon into the blend. Bearing this in mind  you get the idea that the mustard ball works with anything so why not make your own masterpiece today.

Because Mustard Balls weigh much less than 100g jars there is a lower shipping charge. Please make sure you choose the correct rate – its cheaper.

“I am a medieval/Tudor re-enactor, and recent missed out on a trip to Tewkesbury. A friend went however and brought me back two mustard balls. I have tried it for the first time today with a roast chicken and was very impresse by it’s unique flavour. Just wanted to let you know that you have a new fan for your wonderful mustard. Thanks you.”
Written by Mr Dawson – A happy customer

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